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Why do we need to create our own HTTP server

It should seem, for what to create your own http server for live streaming, if the technology of adaptive http streaming, even by its name shows, that any server is appropriate for broadcasting, whether it is nginx or apache. The answer to this question I gave partially in the note Adobe Dynamic HTTP Streaming. I.e., if all data for broadcasting had been available in advance in the form of separate mp4 files, then by using free tool from Adobe - f4fpackager, we would form appropriate f4f files from it, and that's that.

But the whole problem is - as we have live streaming, we do not have even the data that will be needed to send to the audience in just a minute. I.e. even if we sent fragments by the use of nginx or apache, we are still needed a certain packager, meant for forming broadcast initialization files (such as the manifest file), and which will send necessary information to each client. There are no such packagers on free access anymore. Eventually we would have to write our own packager like that, organize its connect with http server and etc. Given some thought, I decided that it would be easier to write completely own http server, so that I did.

Igor, October 2012.

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